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With the money you save by stopping the compressor at unload, you can afford
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Reducing unloaded running hours

Air demand in an industrial compressed air system typically fluctuates. Using these patterns to reduce unloaded running is a first step to optimize energy efficiency.

If compressors are left running unloaded after working hours, they still use as much as 25% of the energy consumed at full load. What's more, if there are leaks in the system, the compressors may switch to loaded running occasionally, consuming even more energy.

The shorter the production time, the more you can save by switching off compressors instead of letting them run unloaded.

MkIV and Mk5 controllers offer user-friendly ways to reduce unloaded running hours.

A weekly timer turns the compressor on and off according to the air demand patterns. Delayed Second Stop (DSS) analyzes motor parameters, starting limitations and historical demand to identify the optimal time to stop the compressor’s drive motor.